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Christian Classics
for Devotions click here

World Invisible Library
Nicely arranged selecition of Christian Books. 
I am especially fond of Watchman Nee & A. W. Tozer


The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ
by Anna Catherine Emmerich
Gutenberg Text

Why Won’t They Listen? 
The power of creation evangelism
by Ken Ham
& Study Guide
from Answers in Genesis

Fox's Book of Martyrs
Edited by William Byron Forbush
PDF file from Remnant Prophesy
6th to 8th grade reading level but good reading for everyone

Truth Triumphant 
History of the Protestant Church
by Dr. Benjamin George Wilkinson
PDF file from Remnant Prophesy
5th to 7th grade reading level but good reading for everyone

For the Faith 
by Evelyn Everett-Green
Gutenberg Text

The Ancient Church
Its History, Doctrine, Worship, and Constitution
by W. D. Killen

The Book of Missionary Heroes 
by Basil Mathews
Gutenberg Text

Confessions of St. Augustine
Translated by E.B. Pusey

Antiquities of the Jews 
by Flavius Josephus
Gutenberg Text

In His Steps
by Charles Sheldon

A Treatise on Good Works
by Martin Luther

How to Pray
R. A. Torey

In His Steps 
by Charles M. Sheldon

The Practice of the Presence of God the Best Rule of a Holy Life 
by Herman Nicholas or Brother Lawrence

Christian's Secret of a Happy Life

God of All Comfort 
by Hannah Whitall Smith
CCEL Texts

The Pursuit of God
by A.W. Tozer
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The Bible Doctrine of the Separated Life
by Johannes G. Vos
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The Imitation of Christ
by Thomas, à Kempis

A Short and Easy Method of Prayer 
by Madame Guyon

The Value of a Praying Mother 
by Isabel C. Byrum
Gutenberg Text

Institutes of Religion
by John Calvin
For Highschool students

All of Grace
by Charles Spurgeon

The Christian Life
Its Course, Its Hindrances, And Its Helps
By Thomas Arnold
Gutenberg Text

Church Manual Designed for the Use of Baptist Churches
by J. M. Pendleton, D.D.
Parson's Corner

Mr. World and Miss Church-Member 
a Twentieth Century Allegory
by W. S. Harris
Gutenberg Text

Edward M. Bounds

Essentials of Prayer 

Necessity of Prayer 

Possibilities of Prayer 

Power Through Prayer    

Prayer and Praying Men 

Reality of Prayer 

Weapon of Prayer 
by Edward M. Bounds
CCEL Texts

John Bunyan

Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners

The Holy War

Pilgrim's Progress
by John Bunyan
CCEL Texts

An Exhortation to Peace and Unity

The Pharisee and Publican

The Jerusalem Sinner Saved; or, Good News for the Vilest of Men 
by John Bunyan
Gutenberg Texts

Andrew Murray

The New Life: Words of God for Young Disciples

Deeper Christian Life

Absolute Surrender

School of Obedience

With Christ in the School of Prayer

Working for God
by Andrew Murray
CCEL Texts

Folk-Lore in the Old Testament: 
Studies in Comparative Religion, Legend & Law 
by Sir James George Frazer
html or zip file at creationism.org  


Leaves of Life For Daily Inspiration
by Margaret Bird Steinmetz
Gutenberg Text

Daily Strength for Daily Needs
by Mary W. Tileston
Gutenberg Text

Morning & Evening Devotions
by Charles Spurgeon

Faith's Checkbook (Daily Devotional)
by C. H. Spurgeon
Word of God International Ministries

Keys for Kids
read online, or receive through snail mail (free)
These are great, we've been using them for several years.

Kids 4 Truth Devotionals
read online, or printer friendly version available.
Good for life application


T. S. Arthur  Odd Victorian Christian Literature